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What is TeamTwo?

TeamTwo was made with one vision in mind; to have a professional organization while still having a family-like environment to offer our community. We are "TeamTwo" Abbreviation "T2" As you will see in our names in the front part of our name. Those who are ignored, struggle with interation, perhaps find their calling online instead of real life, can find what they're looking for here. We offer a home and sanctuary to anyone who needs it. All members are equally considered without any discrimination to race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. If you'd like to become a part of us make sure to check out the Team / Sign-Up tab if you wanna be a streamer for t2 then click the streamer button or if you wanna be a pro gamer then click on one of the games that you would like to go pro in, and join our discord server.

Why is TeamTwo here?

We are here to make our mark in this community. TeamTwo wants to give everyone a chance to prove why they are the best. We will be searching for hidden talents of all aspects and fielding them so they can shine. Whether it comes to competitive teams, skilled streamers and content creators, or even designers, we want to shed light on those who were never given a shot to prove their worth.

Make Sure To Check Out Our Amazing Members Of TeamTwo

They are some pretty nice and amazing members like i cant belive i have them on my team i love all of my members of the team. Like they have some pretty amazing skills at all games im really happy that they are on my team you would just have to see for yourself how amazing they are go check there streams out and you will see there skills.